Environmental construction

The next few articles mainly introduce the running environment setup that Swoft needs, as well as some usage notes.

  • What environment support is required to run swowt?
  • Manually running on this machine (Mac Linux only)
  • Install the necessary packages
  • Run with docker
  • Use official image
  • Use docker-compose

Environmental needs

Must be installed

  • Install PHP and version at least >7.1
  • Install php package manager composer
  • Connection iterators rely on the pcre library
  • Install php extension swoole, and version at least >4.3.0
  • Other php extensions that need to be installed and enabled are: PDO redis


Listed below are some known php extensions that conflict with swoole. Please do not install or disable them when using Swoft:

  • xdebug
  • xhprof
  • blackfire
  • zend
  • trace
  • uopz